Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,272

We were surprised to have a knock at the door at 8am this morning and even more surprised to find that the postman had not one, but two parcels for us! Of course Wiggle and Sofy were especially excited as the parcel's were addressed to them!

They had to wait until this evening to open their mail and Sofy got herself a ringside seat:

The first parcel they opened was from Sue and her family, so Wiggle and Sofy would both like to say Thank You! It really is very kind of you to send Christmas gifts to Wiggle and Sofy. They are going to save their presents to open on Christmas day:

The card from Sue is really lovely and has a photo of Sue's dog Jack, who was very handsome indeed:

Next up was the big, heavy parcel all the way from Seattle, America - from Wiggle's girlfriend, LucytheLab! As soon as I'd pulled the tab to open the package, Wiggle was trying to get his nose in and was sniffing:

Sofy tried to open one of the gifts, so that had to be removed quickly!
Lucy's mum had very kindly sent gifts for me too! As I love my coffee, there was some of the special Starbucks Pike Place roast, which is from where Starbucks started and as I do like to bake, some measuring cups! Now I'll be able to tackle American recipe's and not worry about converting the measurements:

Wiggle and Sofy wanted to open their gifts but I told them that they must save them for Christmas day. I am taking no notice of their pleading stares.....

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Carol said...

Oh my, they are turning up the sweetness looks. BOL