Sunday, 4 December 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,263

Even though it's Sunday, we were up early as we don't seem to be able to have a lie-in at a weekend! Wiggle and Sofy didn't mind as we were in the field by 7.30am and they had a lot of fun, running around.

This afternoon, after what had mostly been a dreary day, we went back to the field and caught the last of the light and even some winter sunshine!

Wiggle wasn't thinking about the weather - he only had one thing on his mind:

And he was gone!

Bringing the ball back so I could throw it again:

Some cloud, but also some blue sky!

"Stop faffing around and throw the ball!"

Despite looking like she's about to lie down, Sofy was actually in a 'pounce' position:

Her low to the ground position worked and Sofy got the ball:

Sitting in the winter afternoon sun:
Wiggle runs ahead:

But then runs closer, just to keep an eye on the ball:

Chasing after the ball:

Wiggle watches Sofy dive for the ball:

But after she dropped it, he saw his chance to grab the ball:

Sofy, concentrating hard on the ball:

Wiggle, watching me, watching the ball....


Fernando F. said...

I can see Sofy on that "pounce" position. She doesn't have legs on that pic. She has 4 springs.
What will Wiggle think if when he is ahead waiting for the ball, you turn around and throw it on the other direction? lol

Carol said...

Sofy always seems to let Wiggle have the ball in the end, such a good girl. Beautiful picture of them sitting in the afternoon sun.