Thursday, 8 December 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,267

Today we've had the very windy weather, plus heavy rain, that's been hitting the UK. Thankfully we've not had it as bad as some area's, but by the time we went for our walk this evening, the rain was horizontal and the wind made Wiggle and Sofy's ears flap.

I had thought about putting their raincoats on them, the "horrid raincoat" that Wiggle really doesn't like, so they had to walk and get wet. Once we were home again, Wiggle and Sofy put on their Equafleece sweaters to dry off and Wiggle decided that he would lay on the towel that I'd put down to dry the wet pawprints!

I think Wiggle was happy in his fleece, moreso than when I found his Christmas antlers last night...


Kevin said...

He looks so comfy with his fleece, and definitely more so than with his antlers! Sometimes they put up with so much from us!

Carol said...

Looks like he likes the sweater. Maybe not the antlers, so much, but he sure is adorable wearing them.