Friday, 23 December 2011

23rd December

In 2005, 23rd December was also a Friday. I'll always remember, as it was the day I said goodbye for my first rescue Labrador, the very special Guinness.

Guinness, or Gdog was the sweetest, kindest Labrador and was such a good dog that he showed me that rescue dogs have so much to offer. Today, as always on the 23rd December, I think of Gdog and tonight wanted to look back on previous Christmas times...

Gdog, sitting on the chair by the Christmas tree:

The year after we'd said goodbye to Guinness, my Christmas angels were Poppy and Bumpy:

The next year, sadly Poppy had passed away, but Dolly was with us and with Bumpy, came to my parents for Christmas day:

Fate decided that neither Dolly not Bumpy were to celebrate another Christmas, but it wasn't a sad time, as Wiggle had arrived!

Gorgeous old Sir H and Wiggle, humouring me with their reindeer antlers:

2009 and Sir H was warm in his fleece, rolling in the December sunshine:

Then Wiggle was opening his Christmas presents:

And on to last Christmas, Wiggle and Sofy, visiting friends in London for the holidays:

Snowy walk in Richmond Park:

This year, with Wiggle and Sofy, we'll be making more memories, but for today, 23rd December, this blog entry is in memory of Guinness. The Brightest Star in the Sky:


Jan's Funny Farm said...

They're all special, aren't they! Bot today is about Gdog. Thank you for sharing him.

Fernando F. said...

they are all so precious to us.
having you as their human, even though not for long because of the circumstances, is a blessing for each of them since you gave them everything they need, specially love and respect.