Sunday, 11 December 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,270

As its only two weeks until Christmas now, I thought it was time to put some decorations up! We are going to be away for New Year, so as I won't be here to take a tree down, I didn't get a Christmas tree this year.

Even without the tree, I had some furry helpers to assist me:

Sofy took her stocking to bed:

Then Wiggle had a rummage around and found a squidgy little decoration, which he took to the bed too!

Once I'd extracted the decoration from Wiggle's mouth, I told him he could wear his antlers while he was helping:
Sofy, noticing the offending item, decided to try and chew the furry ear!

Watching Wiggle take the decoration to his bed, reminded me of 2 years ago when we'd had a real tree. There was one particular decoration that fascinated Wiggle:

And for anyone who was reading this blog back in 2009 might remember, Wiggle waited until I was out of the room and helped himself to the Little Woolly Man!

This year, Little Woolly Man is safely out of Wiggle's reach...

Our decorations - no tree, but I like them and Wiggle and Sofy's stockings are hanging, ready for their gifts...


Lucy the Lab said...

It looks beautiful! I well remember your fascination with the little man ornament, BOL!

Fernando F. said...

those Christmas decorations are looked by Wiggle and Sofy as trophies when they can put their teeth to one of them and bring them to their beds.
very nice arrangement.