Friday, 21 May 2010

Wiggle - Day 699

What with one thing and another, I've not had time to blog for Wiggle, so tonight's entry is a double dose!

On Wednesday, after getting home, I took Wiggle and Sofy up to the Downs as we'd not been for ages. After having spent the previous few evenings doing our power walking, I thought they would appreciate some play time.

And they did!

Close-up, for treats:

Yesterday, as I wanted to go to the parents & see my dad on his birthday, we stopped at Jubilee Park on the way, for some playtime on the playing field!

Lovely, level grass and a sunny evening:

Slobbery Wiggle:

After all that sunny play, this morning we had another beautiful start to our day. For some reason though, Wiggle decided to have a naughty day today - ignoring me calling him in the field and instead, trotting off in the opposite direction.

Wiggle doesn't usually go off and do his own thing, but today he found some very interesting smells and didn't come back. Eventually Sofy and walked over to Wiggle who pretended to look surprised to see us......

This evening we took a leisurely walk across the fields, Wiggle and Sofy chased the ball, lost the ball in the long grass, let me find the ball in the long grass (even though I was wearing flip flops on my feet!) and no-one was naughty.

Until we got home. When Wiggle found a stray sock that had lost its way to the laundry basket. For some reason, Wiggle loves socks and a few weeks ago, shredded one to bits. This evening, it didn't take long to realise that Wiggle had a sock in his mouth as he goes all silly and coy, looking like he's doing something very exciting but at the same time looking sheepish. Sure enough, just a little bit of sock was sticking out of the corner of his mouth but tonight I managed to save the sock, after bribing Wiggle with a treat.

Wiggle tried to eat the treat while the sock was in his mouth, but in the end dropped it....


Lucy the Lab said...

BOL! My naughty Wiggle, doing his own thing & stealing a sock! Better had been a very good treat to trade for a sock!
Love, Your Best Girl (and biggest fan)
Lucy the Lab xox

Fernando F. said...

is Wiggle waiting in another county for the ball? cheater !!! lol
Wiggle looks so happy on his close-up... he must be the happiest dog in the entire World...

happy birthday dad !!! :)

Wiggle, you can't have a treat and sock it too :)

very nice day with those beautiful dogs.