Saturday, 15 May 2010

Wiggle - Day 694

We've had a lovely sunny day here in our part of the world and Wiggle and Sofy have enjoyed themselves. Wiggle spent some time in the garden, playing with his Giggly Wiggly toy.

The toy makes giggling noises when its moved but Wiggle decided to chew the toy instead:

Giggly Wiggly doesn't giggle anymore....

As it was warm and sunny, we only had a short walk this morning and this evening went up to Maude Heath.

It's the first time we've been since we said goodbye to Sir H but I like to think he was with us in spirit.

The cows were in the field so Wiggle and Sofy had to start off onlead:

Once we were into the next field, it was time for some running around after the ball, with Wiggle running ahead:

Heads down, searching for the ball:

Sofy finds the ball and brings it to me, knowing she'll get a treat:

Wiggle's turn for the ball:

Playing in the dandelions:

Waiting for the ball, with the Downs in the background:

More chasing:

Sofy leaves Wiggle to look for the ball:


Still waiting.....

Happy to be running:

We walked on, across the next field but I put the dogs back on lead as the field with sheep had an electric fence!

On our stroll back the way we'd come, I saw something in the distance and realised it was a deer! I've seen them in the lanes around here and before now, seen foxes and rabbits up on the hill, but never had the camera ready

After the deer had spotted us, it didn't hang around and ran back into the tree's

We carried on, with me thinking how nice it had been to see the deer, when ahead, I spotted another!

We walked as quietly as we could and saw the deer had stopped in the field:

We'd been spotted!

Taking flight:

There must have been a group of deer in the tree's as no sooner had one gone, another appeared!

Watching us:

Moving out into the open:

Then taking off, across the field:

The deer then went across the far side of the field, stopping every so often to watch us:

I'm convinced that the deer must have been in the tree's and taller grass and plants on the side of the hill as the last deer did a full circle before disappearing out of sight.


Lucy the Lab said...

How exciting to see so many deer - did you want to chase them, my love? They certainly were watching you! Perhaps they heard about what you did to Giggly Wiggly? BOL!
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab

Fernando F. said...

Montreal is also full of Dandelions these days. They just switch from those nice yellow flowers to that fuzzy white thing.
Wiggle: you are cheating. you can't take off before the ball is thrown :)
The pictures of those deer are amazing. you have one in mid air.
the place is awesome.
Sir H is going nowhere. His spirit will be forever in those magnificent fields you have, rolling in the grass as usual. He perfected that technique.