Monday, 3 May 2010

Wiggle - Day 683

Today, being the May Day holiday, I've had a day off so we'd arranged to meet up with some new friends from Labrador Forums for a walk and play with lots of lovely Labs.

Sofy was about to be pounced on by Oscar and Lola puppies:

Lots of Labbie Fun:

Wiggle and Sofy snack on some grass:

Oscar follows Sofy:

Once we were in the field, it was time to play ball:

Oscar follows Wiggle this time:

More ballgames:

Sofy manages to go the wrong way!

There's a ball there somewhere!

Oscar sits paitently, while deciding which Lab to pounce on.....

And chose Sofy!

Sofy leads Oscar into the long grass:

Happy Labbie playtime:

Smiley Sofy:

Muddy Wiggle:

Wiggle splashing in the mucky puddle; no wonder he got so filthy!

Despite taking 3 tennis balls with us, Wiggle only came home with one!

When we got home, I realised just how muddy we'd all got - these trousers were clean on this morning!

Much to their disgust, Wiggle and Sofy had a bath each once we were home and the water was thick with mud! The trauma of a bath hasn't stopped either of them sleeping since we got home though...


Annie said...

Very Happy Labbie playtime! LOLicks Annie X

Lucy the Lab said...

My darling muddy-faced boy! I love seeing all the labbies playing in the tall grass & perhaps Wiggle & Sofy teaching the puppies a point or two on ball-fetching & the "chase me" game!
Love, Your Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab (sent by telepathy)

Fernando F. said...

what a fantastic day!
great pics.
those dogs are having a blast.
so well behave.
I'm not sure about the muddy jeans... it could be that they were muddy in the first place and the muddy went to Wiggle and then to that pond... not nice blaming Wiggle :)