Sunday, 9 May 2010

Wiggle - Day 689

We were out bright and early this morning, even though it was grey and drizzly. Didn't stop us walking a few miles though.

After doing a few chores, we all had some relaxation time which Wiggle enjoyed - by laying on me on the sofa...

Snuggly boy:

Sofy was having a little sulk as she likes to lay right ontop of me as Wiggle usually curls up on my feet:

Wiggle, however, was taking no notice of Sofy's protest and used his elevated position for a better view of the television....


Lucy the Lab said...

My darling, snuggly boy! If only it were me you were snuggled up with, watching the Lucy Channel *sigh* But I am glad you are comforting the human.
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab xox

Annie said...

'Tis nice to hear from you Wiggle. I thought of you today as I hope you saw it. I finished my Ma's froth from her Cappuccino. I sent you a picture on Twitter. I love your blogs. You and I love the great outdoors.
Westie Hugs to you, Sofy and your human. Lick lick lick
AnnieBella X

Fernando F. said...

Wiggle is just a big baby. Those pics are priceless.
Sofy is really jealous. That face is really asking for some space.

I'm sure those boys don't mind having a 'just relax' if it is raining outside.