Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Wiggle - Day 691

It's been a week now since we said goodbye to Sir H. For a dog who didn't do an awful lot, he's left a big gap here for us. I do miss my old boy, with his kind nature and looks of disdain .....

Apologies for the lack of blogging over the last few days. Hopefully things will be back to somewhere near nornal again soon.


Lucy the Lab said...

Hugs to you all - we miss reading about him, too. He was a dear old boy. xox
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab

Fernando F. said...

I assume that your feelings for Sir H were stopping you from your regular posting. Can't blame you.
When my cat die a couple of years ago, after having him for 10 years, I almost force myself in not thinking about him at all. I work a lot, watch TV and avoid thinking about him. It kind of work. Time heals.
Maybe if you do a small post with 2 or 3 pictures for a couple of days, reduce comments, might help and give you the start for you to enjoy posting again. You still have 2 wonderful dogs. They are amazing and beautiful and silly. That chewing the sock story is hilarious to me. You have such a nice way with words from Wiggle's point of view. I really think he is dictating word by word the whole event.
On my side, 2 of the Groundhogs (gophers) I'm feeding around my office (with peanuts and carrots) show up with some obvious nipple size increase... that means only one thing: babies were born a couple of days ago !!!

Melita (Woof Beginnings) said...

We understand how you are feeling Wendy. a bit flat.
Your oldie,Sir H, such a distinguished gent and loved by all your bloggers, will have left a huge void in your life.
You now have a totally different routine.
Time heals a little but he will always have a special place in your heart.
Sending a big hug for Wiggle and Soph and one for you.
I am sure in their own way they too are missing their friend.