Sunday, 29 July 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,501

Today we go home after our lovely week here in London.  It's been relaxing for me and apart from Wiggle's shoulder sprain, he and Sofy have enjoyed their walks, going out on the balcony and spending time with Toby and Beenz.

We've had some very heavy rain here, even hailstones and thunder but we got lucky and walked during a break in the weather and Wiggle was allowed a little time off-lead:

I don't want Wiggle to over do things, so he had a few minutes of playing ball:

Enjoying being off-lead:

Wiggle seemed to have forgotten his injury and was keen to chase the ball:

But his freedom was short lived, so it was back on lead and back to carrying his ball:

I turned to see what Toby and Beenz were doing - Toby was having a little rest!

One last group photo:


Rubyjen said...

Great to see Wiggle is feeling so much better!X

Barbara said...

Glad Wiggle is feeling better. Have a safe trip home!