Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,482

This morning, it was raining (again) but yesterday we were able to have a dry walk in the field, although rather muddy!  Wiggle was keen to get under the fence and into the field:

Sofy was keeping her head up, running through the long grass:

After all the rain, the path in the field was getting rather muddy:

Wiggle wanted to play ball:

And then took his ball off into the long grass, nearly disappearing!

I'm not sure what Sofy was doing while Wiggle was bringing the ball back:

Waiting, watching the ball in my hand:

Lined up neatly, Sofy was waiting behind Wiggle:

And after a few more games of chase the ball, it was time to walk back along the muddy path, heading for home:

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