Friday, 6 July 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,478

This evening, after a soggy walk in heavy rain, we were drying off and settling in for the evening.  Sofy was being very attentive:

Wiggle was also staying close by:

The reason:  pizza!

"If I tilt my head to one side and look cute, will I get my slice quicker?"

And then, Wiggle and Sofy had their share of pizza, in a blur of nommy excitement!


Ray and the Gang said...

Mr. Shaq was a great fan of Pizza as well. Considered it the ultimate food as it contains all the major food groups. Meat, Break, Dairy and Veggie (if it has some).

Fernando F. said...

if I had a dog and he tilted his head each time there was pizza, he surely will receive double-portion.
Sofy always look at you with pleading eyes. so sweet.