Sunday, 1 July 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,473

Despite the dark clouds, we managed to get in a dry walk up at the Downs this afternoon and Wiggle and Sofy seemed pleased to have all that space to run:

Sofy was VERY boingy and excited!

Smiling, with teefs, by Wiggle:

And not to be left out, Sofy did the same!

"Just pick it up and throw it!"

Running, as Lucy the Lab would say, like 'little racing ponies', although Sofy's technique was more of a nose-dive:

Fortunately Sofy was fine after her little tumble:

Sofy's technique had improved, so she and Wiggle were indeed running like little racing ponies!

Dark clouds in the distance:

Wiggle didn't care and soon he was in the distance!

Wiggle joined us again, looking a little tired, while Sofy just looked bored:

Wiggle didn't have time to be bored, he was too busy with his ball:

And when he wasn't carrying his ball, he was waiting for me to throw it:

Sofy's turn, with Wiggle following behind:

Even without the ball, Sofy did some BIG running, just because she felt like it:

Wiggle was conserving some energy by taking his walk a little slower:

Both starting to get tired:

"Tired? Me?"

Wiggle's last burst of BIG running:

With his ball, Wiggle lead the way back to the car, and home:

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Carol said...

Looks like a fun place for them to run, run, run.