Friday, 27 July 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,499

Wiggle stayed on lead for his walk on Wandsworth Common today, once again carrying his tennis ball:

Toby and Sofy did some running around:

Toby wasn't putting a huge amount of effort into chasing the ball, but was willing to place chasey games with Sofy:

Beenz was trundling about, doing his own thing...

All 4 together:

Wiggle was still able to sniff around in the grass:

Following behind Toby and Beenz:

We've been taking our walks nearer to the house, partly due to Wiggle needed to take it a bit easier while he gets over his sprained shoulder and also because so much of the area is affected by Olympic-related traffic.  A big bonus to being in London though was being able to see the Red Arrows in the distance, when they flew over the Olympic Stadium earlier this evening!

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