Sunday, 15 July 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,487

We needed to go and buy dog food this morning, so on the way back, we made the most of the sunny, dry day and stopped at Maude Heath.  Wiggle was leading the way:

While I admired the view, Wiggle and Sofy were waiting for me to throw the ball:

Wiggle ran ahead:

But Sofy grabbed the ball by the rope, away from Wiggle so all he could do was follow:

Sofy was very happy to have the ball, boinging with delight:

Wiggle was enjoying running in the sunshine:

Having a fun playtime:

Wiggle sneaked in a little cowpoopsnack:

The tell-tale signs of cowpoopsnack eating!

Sofy was staying tight-lipped when I asked her if she had been snacking too:

Sofy: "Ok, I can't lie, I've been snacking too!"

Meanwhile, Wiggle was keeping himself amused:

Sort of how I imagine bog-snorkling, but without the snorkle!

The end result:

Even with a soggy, mud-splattered face, Wiggle still looks handsome:

Somehow, Sofy had managed to stay much cleaner:

And after some more running in the wet grass to wash off the mud, it was home and a big, chewy stick each:

Sofy: "On a par with cowpoopsnacks...."

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Carol said...

Had me giggling all the way through their fun. You all just have so much fun together, what a happy pack.