Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,496

Poor Wiggle isn't feeling any better so this morning I got him an appointment to see the vet.  He was still limping badly on one front leg and examining him, the vet thinks he has hurt his shoulder (not paw or leg as I thought).  Wiggle has had a painkiller/anti-inflammatory injection and also been given Meloxidyl (similar to Metacam) and has been resting.

Wiggle's feeling a little unsettled as the vet said he might feel drowsy after the injection, but right now he's settled down, which can only be a good thing...

It broke my heart to see him looking so sad when I took the others out but rest is best for Wiggle right now.


Fernando F. said...

poor Wiggle.
Get a lot of rest so you can go back to being yourself.
I'm sure you are getting the best care a Lab needs in this moment.

Lucy the Lab said...

My poor boy!
Love, Wiggle's Best Girl y
Lucy the Lab xx

Dom at Belleau Kitchen said...

Give him a big hug and slobbery kiss from me xx