Saturday, 30 July 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,136

I'm very pleased to report that both Wiggle and Sofy seem to be recovered from their stomach bug and we've had a clean 24 hours! Just to be on the safe side, they're finishing off the chicken and rice, with some kibble mixed in, but they are both feeling much, much better.

This morning, we all had cuddles in my bed, with Sofy laying on her back, batting me with her paws while Wiggle was being calmer and cuddlier.

We've had a nice morning here and I needed to get a few things, so we walked down into the town. We stopped at the river and Sofy was first to get her paws wet:

Soon enough, Wiggle was in too, feeling the cool water on his paws:

Sofy was watching the ducks:

But the ducks had seen Sofy and decided to go the other way!

Wiggle was looking slightly disappointed that the water wasn't deep enough for swimming:

Back on the footpath, their trail of wet pawprints:

Once I'd been in the shops I'd needed to, it was time to walk back home, stopping on the way for a quick photo in front of some of the older buildings:

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