Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,132

Wiggle was clean overnight but was still a bit poorly when we walked this morning. He's been having plain meals of chicken and rice, just to give his tummy a chance to settle down.

Despite being under the weather, Wiggle is still being his handsome self:

In the field this evening, Sofy met a Lurcher and did lots of BIG running, chasing and being chased. They both ran round and round, although Sofy was never going to win so she tried to cut in front of her new pal, but being a woosy Lurcher, he squealed! Thankfully no one was hurt in the collision.

Wiggle was staying on lead, just to make sure he didn't get the chance to eat anything else to upset his tummy....


Rubyjen said...

Glad you're feeling better Wiggle.XX

Lucy the Lab said...

BOL at Silly Sofy, trying to stop the Lurcher with a "body check" BOL

Wiggle looks so handsome & I hope his poorly tum feels better soon x

Love, Wiggle's Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab xx