Sunday, 10 July 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,116

Wiggle and Sofy had a fun time up on the Downs earlier today and were ready to run as soon as they were out of the car:

Although for a moment, Sofy seemed to have forgotten what she was meant to be doing....

Once the ball was thrown, Sofy's mind was back with us and she and Wiggle were running:

Wiggle was doing a lot of running!

Sofy managed to move her stumpy little legs faster than walking pace:

Following the same trail of interesting sniffs:

Happy Wiggle:

Such a vast amount of space requires for BIG running:

Wiggle just wanted to run and run and run!

Back with me, waiting again for the ball:

Sofy got a turn with a ball:

All the running makes Wiggle produce a LOT of slobber, mostly ending up around his face!

If running is measured by slobber, Sofy's clean face explains it all...

Wiggle was still running, while Sofy was sidetracked with something:

Needless to say, all that running has made Wiggle tired and right now, he's fast asleep, snuffling and dreaming....

1 comment:

Fernando F. said...

is not that Sofy gets distracted. She is multitasking :)

When they sniff the same places, do they exchange information to confirm origin of smells?

Sofy is a lady. She will never have the slobber on her face. Only boys do that.