Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,112

I needed to be up early for work today so we were out across the field while it was still dry and bright, despite the stormy looking sky.

Wiggle had been doing his own thing so was back on his long lead, so he couldn't end up way behind Sofy and I on the other side of the field.

Needless to say, Wiggle was not impressed to lose some of his freedom!

Sofy was happy, especially as she had met a young Yellow Lab called Buster and they got to run around, chasing each other, rarr-rarring and having a lot of fun!

This evening Wiggle is sending all his positive thoughts to the love of his life, his LucytheLab is going to have an operation tomorrow to remove 3 lipomas .

We are going to be keeping fingers and paws crossed, hoping everything goes well for lovely Lucy and she has a speedy recovery from the surgery. Good Luck Lucy! xXx

1 comment:

Fernando F. said...

Wendy, Lucy's mom is as good as you taking care of her Lab. She will be pampered these days. Lets hope is fast and that she can enjoy sleeping without discomfort.

Wiggle doesn't look a bit happy with that leash :)