Saturday, 2 July 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,108

Apologies for the lack of blog yesterday but although I had the day off, having my car at the garage for its service, a haircut and then visiting a friend in hospital, there wasn't much time left! Especially as we were having a barbecue in the evening, which Wiggle and Sofy were very excited about!

While Allan was doing the grilling, Wiggle and Sofy were trying to look starved:

Then their attention was turned to the food!

Despite the sad faces, both Wiggle and Sofy had their share of sossisjes:

Enjoying their evening:

After their extra food in the evening, both slept well and had plenty of energy for a walk by the river earlier today:

Wiggle and Sofy both wanted to get wet:

Splashing around:

Waiting for the ball:

Wiggle brings the ball back to me:

Leaping up the riverbank:

Running in the sun:

Ready to splash:

Sofy is all flappy eared and dripping water:

Wiggle went ahead, down into the water, ready to get the ball:

Then the roles were reserved, and Sofy was in the water, waiting:

Wiggle followed Sofy and the ball:

Sitting, dripping, waiting....



More splashing:

Wiggle stops to shake while Sofy runs off with the ball:

Running in the long grass, Wiggle once again chases Sofy who had the ball:

Back in the car, rubbed down with towels, waiting to go home.....


Fernando F. said...

They had a fantastic BBQ night.

That river looks like a fun place for a Lab. I think is the first time I see Sofy way ahead waiting for the ball :)

Lucy the Lab said...

What a fun weekend! BBQ & playing in the river! I see Sofy is learning your trick of running ahead to get the ball...

Love, Your Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab xx