Saturday, 16 July 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,122

We started our day by getting soaked through after walking in the pouring rain. We had a short spell of sunshine, so Wiggle and Sofy made the most of it by getting outside.

Wiggle was contemplating chewing on his Nylabone:

Sofy was just laying, contemplating ...... probably not a lot, knowing her!

Sofy had a short burst of energy and did some woogling:

Wiggle also decided some woogling was in order, but started off slow, rubbing his head on the ground:

But before long, he was upside down, kiicking out his legs!

And then finishing off with a stretch....

1 comment:

Fernando F. said...

In the last picture Wiggle seems to have broken his neck. My cats did that all the time.
With so much wiggling coming from Sofy soon you will have to rename your dogs to:
Wiggle The Male Dog
Wiggle the Female Dog