Thursday, 26 August 2010

Wiggle - Day 798

Wiggle and Sofy have spent some quality time, catching up on sleep. All our adventures has clearly been very tiring!

As I took lots and lots of photo's, here are a few more from our little holiday in Devon.

Deciding which direction to choose at Hartland Point:

The Lighthouse and Hartland Point:

Hot chocolate and a rest, overlooking the sea:

Next stop, Clovelly:

The very old village, with it's narrow, steep cobbled path:

Down in the harbour, quick rest:

Paddling in the sea:

It's a long way back up!

Late afternoon, catching the last sand on the beach before the tide came in at Appledore:


Wiggle leaves his mark, if only for a short time:

More play, making the most of such a lovely evening:


Lucy the Lab said...

Mom is enjoying being an armchair traveler through your pictures, while I love seeing happy, happy dogs (& my Wiggle's pawprint)
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab xx (sent by telepathy)

Anonymous said...

Woof it looks like you had a great time... and that's a fab sandy beach!

Fernando F. said...

Such wonderful pictures with such a couple of wonderful dogs.
Nice to learn about your country with your 2 models on them.
I wouldn't mind new releases with more pictures of such wonderful places :)

thank you for posting all these adventures

(the Clovelly pic gave me an error when I clicked)