Sunday, 1 August 2010

Wiggle - Day 772

We've had an early start today as we had a fundraising stall at Stourhead Show.

As usual, Wiggle was ready to meet and greet:

Our stall:

As well as dog show classes, there was a horse show going on, all in the grounds of Stourhead House:

We're sort of in the middle!

The Foxhounds:

Wiggle spent some quality time with his Flamingo but it would seem that Flamingo had been VERY bad so Wiggle destuffed him:

When he wasn't destuffing toys, Wiggle watched horses going past and after having watched from a distance, he was very excited when a friend of mine came over to see us on her horse Jasper!


Fernando F. said...

your dogs look plain gorgeous in that stall.
oh no! the flamingo is gone (it shouldn't be a surprise by now).
The horse is looking at Wiggle. I'm sure he is also interested in a friendship with him.

Lucy the Lab said...

I love how cute & handsome you are in your "Wiggle" bandana. You also did an excellent job on that BAD BAD BAD flamingo, BOL
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab xx