Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Wiggle - Day 781

This evening Wiggle had an appointment at the vet as he has still been limping a little on his back leg. After a good check over, Wiggle will have to stay on lead and rest for the coming week. We also have some anti-inflammatories which Wiggle will take each day.

Hopefully, its just a strain and nothing more but if there's no improvement, we'll go back and see Alison again next week.

Despite being onlead, Wiggle and Sofy enjoyed a walk up at Maude Heath on the way home, making the most of the evening sun.......


Fernando F. said...

such a nice picture.
what wonderful friends those two are.

lets wish for full recuperation.
Wiggle was meant to run very fast... against Sofy :)

elma said...

por wiggle! i hope he gets betterso he can have as much fun as sofy did! :)
You biggest fan...