Sunday, 15 August 2010

Wiggle - Day 786

Wiggle and Sofy are going to be praying for dry weather for the forseeable future!

My mum got a lovely coat for dogs and as Sofy doesn't have any wet weather gear, I tried the lovely new coat on her. Unfortunately though, it was too big!

Thats ok though, Wiggle's coat is Sofy-sized!

Doesn't Sofy look elated?!

Wiggle tries his new coat for size:

And looks just as overjoyed as Sofy....


Lucy the Lab said...

Oh you poor, sulking dogs - you need to move to Columbia Valley in Washington state where it only rains 9 inches a year (and it's only a few hours drive from me!)

Fernando F. said...

Those dogs are thinking in how to break out of that house and run for the hills.
Wiggle... Sofy... is just clothing... mom still loves you.
Is suppose to be good for you.

Fernando F. said...

p.s.: they look very cute. they are just missing the hood :)

Melita (Woof Beginnings) said...

Every picture tells a story.
They both look well pleased with their wet weather gear ;0)