Monday, 9 August 2010

Wiggle - Day 780

After our busy day yesterday, we've nearly caught up with ourselves and of course Wiggle and Sofy have had all day to catch up on sleep!

Now I've had time, here are our photo's from our great day out yesterday at the Nadder Valley Show.

As well as the usual dog classes, the show had vintage airplanes flying overhead:

Our stall is under green canvas in the bottom right corner!

Wiggle and Sofy have a little break from the stall:

Since the demise of our own gazebo last week, we are without our own shelter so Sam & Mark from Dogstar very kindly brought their double sized gazebo so we could share with them.

Our friend Linzi was also at the show, with her gorgeous choccie girls - Lucy, Polly and extra special Zoe. They were all promoting puppy farm awareness and where not to obtain a puppy, a very important issue and one close to my own heart.

Sofy and Wiggle "backstage" :

Lots of barking, socialising greeting & treat eating eventually caught up with Sofy!

Wiggle does his best "Hello, welcome to our Labrador Rescue stall"

We really did have a fab day and would like to say a huge thank you to Helen, Tom & the rest of the team who put together a great day, thank you to Sam & Mark at Dogstar for letting us share their shelter and of course thank everyone who came along to support us!


Fernando F. said...

that pic with the 5 dogs feels as if Sofy was clone 3 times.

poor Sofy. she worked very hard.

Wiggle looks so handsome and smart.

Lucy the Lab said...

Hmmm... are those bits of stuffing from a toy I see in the backstage picture? Good to know you two are always on duty; protecting the world from BAD, spying toys, BOL!
Loved the pic of the four choccies with Wiggle & the one of Sofy all worn out :)
Love, Wiggle's Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab xx