Saturday, 14 August 2010

Wiggle - Day 785

Wiggle and Sofy met the Wadworth Shire Horses today!

Wadworth is a local brewery and they have 4 shire horses which deliver beer to pubs local to the Devizes brewery. Each year, the shire horses have a two week holiday and I found out from a work colleague where the horses go for their vacation. As Wiggle likes horses, after stopping at the shop for carrots, we went to visit the horses:

Wiggle sits while the horses all come over to say hello:


Sofy, less excited about the horses but more enthusiastic about the carrots!

"More carrot please!"

Everyone is being good in the hope of more carrots...

After saying goodbye to the horses, we carried on with our walk.

"Any more carrot?"


Heart of Texas said...

Wiggle and Sofy are always out doing fun things. I can only hope that each of our Labbies finds forever homes half as nice as yours.

Fernando F. said...

Those horses are superb.
I'm sure they all were interested in Wiggle.
That nose is beautiful. The few occasions I have touch one (police horse) I loved touching its nose.
I wasn't aware that Sofy was vegetarian lol
great set of pictures.