Friday, 31 October 2008

Wiggle - Day 137

Doesn't Wiggle look impressed with his new fleece jumper?! He likes it really, despite the "woe is me" face. As Wiggle loves to swim, I don't want him to catch a chill now that the weather has turned colder. The jumper will help him keep warm while he dries off after swimming.

The jumper came from a new-ish website, and now Wiggle has his, I shall be getting a fleece for Sir H too, although I think he'll need a larger size. Don't want my boys being cold in the winter!

In other news, we have a Wee Strike update: Wiggle wee'd on the patio this morning!! Despite his obvious disgust at my modifications to the garden, Wiggle gave in to his bodily needs and pee'd next tot he patio. He survived and now he's realised he won't come to any harm, hopefully that'll be the end of Wee Strike.

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Love the fleece jumper Wendy although Wiggle doesn't look 100% happy wearing it! I am sure he will get used to it.
Look forward to the photo of Sir H in his :)
Glad things are resolved on the wee front.