Monday, 27 October 2008

Wiggle - Day 133

Wiggle and Sir H have had a very good weekend up in Nottingham. We went out for the day on Saturday and ended up at Matlock Bath in Derbyshire. After a walk along by the river we stopped at the pub for lunch. The boys thought this was a good idea but were not so impressed that they weren't allowed to wander about and say hello to the other customers. They did both get lots of fuss from some children so it wasn't a complete disappointment to them.

More excitingly though, we went to the Heights of Abraham which is high up on top of the hill. To get to the top we all took a trip in a cable car!

Sir H was totally unimpressed and got in and had a lie down. Wiggle was a little worried initially but then was soon looking out of the window and enjoying the view.

Once we were at the top we had a wander around. There's a very tall tower but it had steep steps so the boys couldn't go up there and had to make do with admiring the view from the ground.

We found a path which took us even higher up the hill and when we were near the top we found a viewing platform.

Wiggle had a good look around.

But something caught his attention....

I looked over to see what Wiggle was staring at and then spotted it. A deer!

Although the boys weren't allowed inside the visitor exhibitions, they were allowed through the cafe to sit outside with us while we warmed up with hot chocolate. Then it was time to head back down, again in the cable car.

Despite the weather being a bit drizzly, we had a lovely afternoon in Matlock Bath and Wiggle definitely recommends a ride in a cable car.

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Sarah and Bran said...

Oh Wiggle. My darling Wiggle. You are so very, very brave and handsome. Grrrr ;o)

Flora xxx