Friday, 17 October 2008

Wiggle - Day 123

As I've spent most of this week being unwell, Wiggle has had a quiet week. I was feeling a little better the other day and met up with my good friends Sarah and Ange. Sarah has Bran, the chocolate Labrador puppy and Ange is mum to Minni-Moo. Also with us for the walk were Sophie, Sarah's daughter and Sir H's best friend (Sir H loves Soph rahter a lot!) and Flora, Bran's sister.

Hoping that some fresh air would perk me up a bit, the boys and I made the short drive to Bradford on Avon to meet the others. We had a lovely walk along the river but being water loving dogs, Wiggle and Sir H started off with some splashing around in the first water they came across.

We kept walking, following the river, until we came to a weir and a pub! The Cross Guns is just between the River Avon and the Kennett & Avon Canal. While we stopped for a rest and some coffee were were joined by a very handsome little Robin.

After our refreshments we walked back along the canal towpath and back to the car park. A very lovely afternoon indeed and we'll definitely be having another walk there soon.

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Sarah and Bran said...

We had a very lovely afternoon with you and Henery and your mum, Wiggle. Please can we go again soon?

Bran xxx