Thursday, 23 October 2008

Wiggle - Day 129

Wiggle is not impressed. Not at all.

Today, as it was dry and bright this morning I made the most of the good weather and did some tidying in the garden. Unfortunately, we've got clay soil so when it rains, the garden floods and then becomes a bit of a swamp. In the summer months, its not so bad and dries out reasonably quickly but this time of year, it stays muddy for days.

In previous years, and obviously prior to Wiggle being here, I have put up a temporary fence so that the dogs can't go on the grass. Apart from trying to give the grass a chance to recover, it also stops the dogs having to wade through the mud.

However, Wiggle isn't happy about this....

Because the dogs go out a couple of times a day, they only really use the garden for first thing and last thing wee's etc but despite trying to explain this to Wiggle, he's not a happy chap. He's currently on wee strike.

I have told him that he still has the patio and both sides of the garden next to the patio, but he's not convinced. With my previous dogs, they've eventually given in to the need to go and used the patio. I told Wiggle its no different to him going on a walk and wee'ing up a lampost on the pavement, but he's sulking.

He'll have to get used to it - the fence will be there until the spring!

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Minnie-Moo said...

You will have to put a lamp post in the garden for him!