Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Wiggle - Day 134

After the excitement of the weekend Wiggle has had a quieter day today. He's been to the vets this evening for his 2nd vaccination injection. With not having proof of him being vaccinated regularly and being on the Atopica, I'd waited a few months before getting his vaccination sorted out, mainly to give his body time to cope with the different chemicals.

Thankfully Wiggle didn't have any reaction to the first vaccination and now he's all done and won't need his booster for a year.

While at the vets I weighed him and Wiggle is a healthy 31.2kg's. Malcolm the vet checked him over and confirmed that Wiggle is a nice healthy weight, so thats good news.

Wiggle is still on the Atopica although on a much reduced dose. This week I took he started on 50mg every other day. Unless Wiggle starts scratching or his skin condition changes, he will stay on that for the next couple of months before eventually coming off the Atopica all together.

LRSE&C are still covering the cost of Wiggle's medication so once again, thank you to everyone who has supported Wiggle over the last few months. As I mentioned a few weeks back, LRSE&C have a new website,


As part of the new site, we now have a Just Giving page:


Wiggle is just one of many dogs that the rescue is helping. You can sponsor Wiggle or one of the other Labradors needing special care through the website http://www.loveyourlabrador.co.uk/sponsor.html or make a one off donation via the Just Giving site.

Without the generosity of our supporters dogs like Wiggle would not get the treatment and care they so desperately need.

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