Monday, 6 October 2008

Wiggle - Day 112

Wiggle is back online!! Thank you Bran for updating while we were suffering our technical problems.

All's fine in the House of Wiggle. We've been away for the weekend so Wiggle and Sir H have had lots of lovely walks and Wiggle went jogging yesterday.

While sorting some things out after getting home, Wiggle found that I have a rather large stash of tennis balls. He seemed to think he could have all of them to play with, but the way he shreds balls, he'd have none left if I let him have the whole bag full. I did let him choose a couple of new ones though, to replace the very tatty ones he had.

Part of the reason for sorting things out is that our good friends Sam and Mark who run the Dogstar Foundation:

The Foundation helps the Temple dogs in Sri Lanka and Sam & Mark are going over there in a couple of weeks. Used items such as collars etc are always useful so I had a sort out to see what I could send to them. If you've got a spare moment and have something you could donate, please take a minute to look at their website.

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