Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Wiggle - Day 135 (Part 2)

Our visitors have been and gone. Sarah, my friend from Bristol popped over with Bran and Flora. After lots of playing around indoors we took them all for a walk on the Marlborough Downs. The dogs did lots of mad running about and sniffing out all the interesting smells as we walked through the woods. We walked on down the hill towards the gallops, everyone enjoying the lovely, sunny day.

Wiggle lost yet another tennis ball. Sir H and Wiggle are both worn out now and fast asleep. I suspect Flora and Bran will be pretty tired now too.

Oh, and an update on Wee Strike - After my adjustments this morning to the fencing Wiggle went to the toilet on the patio!!!

1 comment:

Sarah and Bran said...

That picture of Wiggle standing on his own is just an amazing testament as to how much he's changed since he's been in your care, Wend. Look at his thick, shiny coat and his muscles :o)

We had a lovely walk - thank you for having us xx