Sunday, 26 February 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,347

If I asked I think Wiggle and Sofy I think they would tell me that they've had a pretty good day.  We all got up quite early and they had breakfast, then came back to bed with me for a while as I was tired and needed another half hour!

By 10am, we had clear skies and sunshine and as I needed to get some shopping, we stopped at Maude Heath.  I don't think they minded that they had only been there a few days ago, more that they were pleased to be out on a lovely morning:

Sofy is quickest first throw of the ball:

The rope around Sofy's nose as she runs:

A beautiful view (this time, with no poo!):

Next throw and Wiggle is quickest, but Sofy is hot on his heels:

Sofy goes for a low position, ready to grab the rope...

And she gets the ball!

Enjoying the sunshine and the space on a chilly morning:

Wiggle was enjoying running with the ball, while Sofy found a few quick cowpoop snacks: 

Sofy soon got her attention back to the ball:

Wiggle, watching me, and the ball:

Each running their own way, even Sofy (her ears are flapping, so definitely running):

Back to the car, ready for our drive to get the shopping and their food:

Once we were home again and I'd got some chores done, it was lunchtime and as I was having a sandwich, I made a little sandwich for Wiggle and Sofy too:

Sofy can hardly contain herself!

Wiggle, as always, much more gentle with food:

Being such a nice day, Wiggle wanted to go outside so I put one of the beds out for him:

Napping, enjoying the warmth of the sun on his fur:


Carol said...

Watching these dogs get to play everyday makes me happy everyday.
Thanks for that

Fernando F. said...

Dogs around the World wish they could have Wiggle's and Sofy's life.
They looks so happy.
I'm sure they don't mind going to the same place.