Monday, 20 February 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,341

Yesterday I was moving photo's from my laptop to the external hard drive to free up some space and while I was moving pictures across, I looked back at previous February's for Wiggle.

In 2009, we had snow at this time of the month:

Lovely Sir H was still with us then, and enjoyed making snow angels:

By February 2010, Sofy had arrived and in contrast to the previous year, we had sunshine!

Wiggle was woogling, with no shame at all!


Fernando F. said...

they look so happy.
my boss must think I'm crazy because sometimes I tell her something about "the dogs I'm following on the internet from England" :)
she loves dogs so I think is ok.

Ray and the Gang said...

When Wiggle Woogles it is a sign from Sir H that he is there and checking in.