Thursday, 2 February 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,323

This evening I took Sofy to the vet to get her weighed as since starting her diet last, last month, she's been having her green beans and vegetables with her kibble.

Sofy was very excited to be going out without Wiggle and didn't mind that she was going to the vets, bounding in and jumping up to say hello to the receptionist. We're pleased to say that Sofy has lost 1.5kg's so far, which is great progress.

Tonight I was being lazy and heated a cauliflower cheese readymeal for my supper, so as Sofy has been so good, I let her clean the dish, which she took to bed with her:

Probably enjoying the cheesey sauce after a month of kibble and vegetables!

Wiggle didn't miss out, he ate the caulifower cheese that I didn't finish....

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