Saturday, 4 February 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,325

We had another very cold night but then a beautiful, frosty, sunny morning. Just as we were leaving to go to the field, a hot air balloon flew over:

In the field, the ground was hard and frosty, but Wiggle and Sofy were only interested in watching the ball in my hand:

Sofy, with the ball:

The hot air balloon in the background:

Side by side, chasing the ball:

Wiggle follows Sofy:

Sitting in the sunshine:

Both pouncing for the ball:

Wiggle let Sofy get the ball - or maybe she just pushed him out the way again!

After we'd come home, Wiggle and Sofy settled down to rest as I had to be somewhere else. I went with our friend Allan to Bath Cats & Dogs Home to visit this chap:

Allan and Nathan decided that they would like to adopt a rescue dog and last week went to the home. I went back with them on Sunday as they wanted to walk a dog or two, and knowing that I'd had my fair share of rescue dogs, asked my advice.

We headed straight to kennel block B and the first dog I noticed was Wellington who had been one of the dogs the rehoming team had suggested. We thought he was a Bloodhound Cross but it actually turns out that he's a Bavarian Bloodhound, so a shorter, stockier variety.

Wellington is 7 years old, very friendly and as Allan and Nathan passed their homecheck this week, in a few days time he'll be coming home to live with them. Hopefully it won't be long before Wiggle and Sofy get to meet Wellington, but first we will let him settle with his new family:


Fernando F. said...

I wish Wellington a very soon final home forever. He looks very nice.

Ray and the Gang said...

Yay for Wellington and his new FurEver home.