Sunday, 19 February 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,340

After the wet and miserable weather yesterday, this morning, we had a cold but sunny start so after they had their post-breakfast nap, Wiggle and Sofy went to the field for some playtime:

Running for the ball:

Sofy was quite lively, boinging around with the ball:

Waiting to run:

Wiggle gets cheeky - poking his tongue out at me!

Sofy gave up chasing the ball for a while, letting Wiggle do all the running:

Wiggle loses interest in the ball for a while and finds something interesting to sniff:

Once we were home, I decided Wiggle was due a bath and much to his surprise, when he followed me upstairs, I picked him up and plonked him in the bath!  It's good for his skin to have the Malaseb baths and I'm sure he must really enjoy having his shampoo massaged into his fur.  To dry off, Wiggle wore his towelling robe and went outside to stand in the sunshine:

"Oh woe is me!  A bath, she gave me a bath!"

Sofy was staying out of the bathroom!

Wiggle's sulking didn't last long as shortly after his bath, a friend from work sent me a text asking if we'd like to meet her for a walk.  I didn't take the camera this afternoon but Wiggle and Sofy had a lot of fun on the Downs, running around in the sunshine with their new friend Bicker, a happy little Spaniel.

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