Saturday, 11 February 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,332

Today we met up at the Downs for a walk with Wellington. As I often see Allan and Nathan, we were hoping that all 3 dogs would get on well and enjoy a walk together. There was still quite a lot of snow around and Sofy and Wiggle were on their best behaviour, waiting to meet their new pal:

Wiggle was more interested in running with his tennis ball:

While Wellington was more interested in finding sticks!

Wellington and his first stick:

Wiggle and Sofy, chasing after their ball:

Running in the sun, on the snow:

Allan and Nathan's friend Mark, throwing the ball for Wiggle:

Ready to run:


Wellington, still with his stick:

Snowy-faced Sofy:

All 3 dogs, with Nathan and Allan:

Group photo done, back to running:

Wellington. And his stick. Just for a change!

Beautiful, sunny day. Very cold though!

Wellington decided he would like to follow Wiggle:

While Wiggle was heading off down the slope:

Boys together, Wellington and Wiggle:

Where Wiggle went, Wellington wasn't far behind:

Even though Sofy was trying her luck to get treats, Wellington was more interested in what Wiggle was doing:

Following each other....

Sofy, starting to get tired:

Wiggle, still being followed:

Wellington had found a new stick. He planned to take it home with him:

Have stick, will follow Wiggle:

Wiggle knew which way to go, back to the car.

Still with his ball:

We all had a really lovely walk, all the dogs got on well and since geting home, Wiggle and Sofy have been fast asleep!

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Fernando F. said...

Wellington following Wiggle is a good idea. He owns those lands :)

To me, seeing a dog carrying sticks is hilarious.