Thursday, 29 September 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,197

After all the fun and excitement of Wiggle's birthday yesterday, this evening he went to see the vet for his annual vaccination booster and check-up.

We had to wait to go in, so Wiggle did his best to charm the receptionist, Anne, to see if he could get a little treat:

Sure enough, Anne couldn't resist and Wiggle got a tasty little treat:

We saw Malcolm the vet and Wiggle had a thorough check over. His heart rate was good and after some manipulation of his joints, Malcolm said that Wiggle is doing pretty good for a 9 year old Lab.

While we were there, Wiggle went on the scales and has gained since last time he was weighed - going from 33.5kg's to 36.5kg's today! That said, Malcolm didn't think Wiggle was fat, but did say it wouldn't hurt for him to lose a kilo or two. No more pizza for Wiggle!

We also talked about the Atopica dose and we're going to try and reduce it. Currently Wiggle has one 50mg capsule every other day, so we've ordered some 25mg capsules to alternatate with the 50mg. Wiggle's skin is so much better and as Malcolm said, he has a glossy coat and his fur is now soft, compared to the course hair he used to have. Once we get the new capsules, Wiggle will have one 25mg one day, a day without, then 50mg the next day, a day without and so on. Hopefully, Wiggle will be fine but we will have to wait and see.

All in all, I'm very happy with the checkup, Wiggle was happy with the treats, so its all good!


Fernando F. said...

nobody can resist Wiggle's needy look when he wants a treat :)

Carol said...

Way to go on your check up wiggle, I'm sure the extra weight is just from all that birthday food.