Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,188

I've had the day off again today, so once I'd got the household chores done, Wiggle, Sofy and I spent a couple of hours snuggled together on the sofa, watching a film. After that, we went up to the Downs for a walk, making the most of what turned out to be the driest weather of the day!

Wiggle wasted no time running off up the path, with Sofy hot on his heels:

Wiggle wanted me to throw the ball:

While Sofy was busy being cheeky and poking her tongue out at me!

Underneath the tall tree's, waiting for the ball again:

Wiggle and Sofy sitting on the fallen leaves - feeling very autumnal:

Wiggle ran ahead, then back again, a dark dog in the shade:

Ready for some more ball-chasing:

Pouncing on the ball:

Sofy brings the ball back, with Wiggle close behind:

About to run off ahead, Wiggle just checks that I'm still following:

Having fun, chasing around after the ball:

Wiggle follows the path, off in his own little world:

Still with his ball, Wiggle goes uphill....

But then decides that it wasn't any more interesting up that way!

While Wiggle and Sofy look at me, I can look at the view!

He's off again:

A Wiggle-shaped black blob in the distance:

Sofy was staying with me, sniffing around in the grass:
When Sofy and I caught up with Wiggle, he was still carrying his ball:

And still ready for me to throw it!

Heading back towards the car:

Wiggle waits for Sofy...

Nearly at the end of our walk and Wiggle stops for a rest, but still with his tennis ball close by!

1 comment:

Fernando F. said...

Nice to have such a nice day.
Wiggle really thinks he owns all those lands.
Sofy looks so cute.