Friday, 23 September 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,191

We've had a lovely day here, although this morning we were up early and out walking while it was still dark. This evening, after their dinner and before our walk, Wiggle and Sofy spent some time out in the garden playing with their new toys:

As Wiggle hasn't opened his birthday gifts yet, they were playing with Sofy's new toys, starting with her pink duck:

Sofy lay, making the ducky squeak, so Wiggle spent time with the green man:

Sofy's ducky was still squeaking, while Wiggle did some horizontal whapping, going this way:

And whapping the other way:

Wiggle did some up-whapping moves too:

Poor green man, all smiley and happy, while Wiggle nibbled his hand:

Sofy did some flinging too:

Then it was time to swap toys:

Sofy likes green man as he also squeaks when bitten:

Soon though, Wiggle was getting into shredding-mode, so it was time for the toys to have a little rest:

Pink duck, now slightly less plump:

Green man, looking slightly more intact, but still very jolly!

1 comment:

Lucy the Lab said...

BOL BOL BOL I knew that silly green man with his horrid smirk would get the whapping treatment! Poor duck must have been very bad, too....

Love, Wiggle's Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab xx