Sunday, 11 September 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,179

We've had another day of mixed weather - sunny one moment and then dark clouds and heavy rain the next. We managed to get out across the field earlier, in between the rain showers, something which made Wiggle and Sofy happy:

I'd taken a tennis ball with us and Wiggle didn't hesitate when I threw the ball!

Some nifty footwork:

Working as a team, Wiggle watches me while Sofy watches the ball:

It's a rare sight to see such concentration from Sofy:

Sofy's really, really concentrating, ready to get that ball!

All that staring at the ball paid off!

Almost neck and neck.....

... but Wiggle was fastest:

Wiggle let Sofy get the ball after the next throw:

After all that running, Wiggle was starting to look a little soggy:

Somehow though, Sofy had managed to keep her head out of the wet grass:

Sofy runs off with the ball...

... and into the long grass where she dropped the ball and lost it!

Wiggle found the ball, then brought it straight to me:

An interesting look from Sofy - wonky nose, tongue poking out, sending a kiss, perhaps?

Wiggle didn't have time to pull faces, he had other things on his mind:

Like the ball he'd dropped at my feet!

Last few throws of the ball:

Wiggle watches the ball, even though Sofy got it!

We got home just before it started to rain again and since then, neither Wiggle nor Sofy have moved much!

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