Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Happy 9th Birthday Wiggle!

Today we're celebrating Wiggle's 9th birthday!

After I'd had a busy couple of days at work, with early starts and late finishes, coming home to feed Wiggle and Sofy in between, this afternoon I finished early. As for the last two days we'd walked in the dark, morning and evening, it was especially nice to get back early as we've had a warm, sunny day.

Wiggle was happy too, taking his Nylabone outside to chew:

Then it was time for Wiggle to open his birthday gifts:

Wiggle was so excited with the parcel from his love, LucytheLab, that he grabbed the parcel and took it outside!
Between the two of them Wiggle and Sofy opened the parcel, with Sofy finding Little Yellow Man! A close relative of Little Green Man:

Wiggle had been busy shredding the wrapping paper, but when he realised that Sofy had HIS gift, he wanted it back:

Wiggle pounced on the Little Yellow Man:

Wiggle decided he needed to give Little Yellow Man a chew:

Silly smiling, smirking face!

"Thank You Lucy! I loves my Little Yellow Man almost as much as I loves you!"

Wiggle still had another parcel to open, this time it was Blue Ducky! A gift from Sue and family and Wiggle was so excited, he didn't even wait for me to pull the label off!

Sofy got her Pink Ducky so she could join in the play:

Being greedy, Sofy tried to play with both the ducks:

A short game of tuggy:

After all that play, Wiggle and Sofy had a little rest, then a nice walk in the evening sun. Wiggle and Sofy both did lots of running, enjoying themselves before coming home for Wiggle's birthday treat - pizza!

As far as they were concerned, the pizza was very nommy so understandably, they were almost too quick for photo's!

Sofy, under the shadow of a pizza slice!

After all that excitement, Wiggle and Sofy are now both fast asleep, worn out from Wiggle's lovely birthday...


DaLy said...

I loved reading and looking at the photos... And remember when DaLy was young... The different faces they pull is so funny... Thank you for sharing your wonderful dogs with us. I look forward to the next instalment. Sweet Dreams Wiggle. Normal day tomorrow lol. WOOF WOOF LICK LICK from DaLy XxX

Lucy the Lab said...

Happy Birthday, Wiggle! I'm so glad you liked your silly, smirking Yellow Man! He needs to be taught a lesson, BOL! Enjoy your day & treats! I love you xx

Love, Your Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab xx

Carol said...

Happy Birthday Wiggle,
You and Sofy have a great day.

Fernando F. said...

I love all these pictures.
Wiggle is enjoying all the attention and the gifts pretty good.

Dom at Belleau Kitchen said...

Birthday Pizza!... genius!... Happy Birthday wiggle from Belleau Kitchen and our old girl Holly Golightly x

Bear said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday Wiggle! So happy to share birthdays ! Love always,Bear