Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,189

When I was sorting out the photo's from the Dogs Party the other day, I couldn't help but giggle at the pictures that I'd taken as Helen and I had attempted to get Bert, Barney, Ebble, Wiggle and Sofy all lined up.

We thought they were all lined up, nice and tidy, but then Ebble got up:

After repositioning, Ebble moved again, out of shot, with Wiggle also on the move!

All sitting again, Ebble couldn't sit still (but then she is still a baby, so we forgave her):

At last, they were all still and in place, so Barney celebrated by giving Wiggle a kiss:

All still, all facing me - except Ebble!

So, although I'd posted the 'good' photo's, it just goes to show it can take a few attempts to get a perfect Labbie line-up!

Wiggle has exciting news today - a parcel! All the way from Seattle, USA, from his lovely girlfriend, Lucy. But Wiggle will have to wait, as we suspect there might be a birthday gift in the parcel and it's not Wiggle's birthday until next Wednesday.....


Fernando F. said...

I can imagine how difficult is to have at least one decent picture.

A parcel! open it! open it! open it! open it! :)

Carol said...

All the labbies are so beautiful.Waiting is so hard, when your birthday is right around the corner

Don said...

Great photos! I've got loads of my pup that are just a blur because he moves as soon as I click lol