Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Wiggle & Sofy's Day Trip to the Beach - Part 2

As promised, here's the second installment from our day at the beach!

With no tennis ball to occupy him, Wiggle wandered into the sea, probably taking a moment to think of his Lucy and wish that she were at the beach with him, playing in the waves....

We left the sand and walked along the pier, stopping at the end to admire the view in the sunshine:

And then, much to their delight, I treated Wiggle and Sofy to ice cream! Sofy was too quick with hers for any photo's, but Wiggle took his time to savour his:

As we'd had such a good time at Southbourne in the morning, we headed back there in the afternoon and once again, no one else on the beach!

Sofy was looking in the wrong direction for the ball!

Beach babes:

Sofy manages to find the ball:

Smiling, I think!

Sofy was starting to get tired:

But had saved some energy to get back in the water:

A team effort, looking for the ball:

Although embarassingly, the ball was right beneath their noses!

Eventually, Sofy saw the ball:

Still wanting to play fetch in the waves:

Or in Sofy's case, just going for a swim:

Then back to the beach for a shake!

I'm not sure whether she planned it, but Sofy would swim out and then let the waves bring her back in!

Soaking Sofy!

Kicking up the sand:

Wiggle brings the ball while Sofy slows down:

More sand coverage:

But the sea helps clean off all that sand!

Sunny, happy Labs:

Side by side, enjoying their day out:

More play:

Drippy, dippy Sofy!

Last few throws of the ball:

Wiggle lets Sofy get the ball:

When it was time to go back to the car, Wiggle and Sofy were towelled off, had a drink of clean water and had their fleece jumpers put on to keep them warm:

Last sniff of sea air before heading for home....

Needless to say, after all that fresh sea air and swimming, after we'd got home and they had eaten their dinner, neither Wiggle nor Sofy moved from their sleeping positions all evening!


Lucy the Lab said...

What a fab day! I love looking at both of you frollicking in the waves & on the beach. The sand only makes you look handsomer, Wiggle!
Love, Your Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab xx

Fernando F. said...

that was a wonderful day at the beach.
they couldn't be any happier anywhere else.

The "smiling?" picture is very funny. He looks like if he was shivering while smiling.

I like to see them together having fun as a team.
thanks for posting so many pictures. Everyone tells something about their day.