Saturday, 12 March 2011

Wiggle - Day 996

We're having a Sunny Saturday! Wiggle and Sofy weren't in any hurry to get up early but once breakfast was done, they perked up and we went across the road to the fields.

Wiggle was following his nose and leading the way:

Sunshiney dogs:

Wiggle nearly got left behind when we walked into the next field!

Sofy was happy -she found some mud to splash in:

Sofy loves mud and muddy puddles:

Out of the mud, it was back to walking and sniffing:

No doubt lots of interesting smells left by the different creatures who've passed across the field:

Heads down, chomping on grass:

After ignoring me for a while, Wiggle eventually comes back to me:

Sofy's sniffing while Wiggle walks in the shade:

Handsomest boy:

Sofy didn't want to sit for the photo, she'd found an interesting blade of grass....

Running back over the little bridge:

Sofy went off the side of the little bridge, running up and down in the muddy ditch, chasing out a pheasant so after all that mud, she's just had a bath!


Max the Quilt Cat said...

Wow!!! That looks like a fun trip outside. I never went outside... just on the walkway... so mud sounds like a great time.

pawhugs, Max

Fernando F. said...

no wonder why Sofy got that bath. She almost ask for it.
Too much information in all those fields is what make Wiggle stay behind.
I guess Sofy will sleep on humans' bed. Clean sheets or not :P